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Grieving: Getting through this Storm Is a Must!

When people speak of stormy weather as a metaphor relating to turmoil in their life, I always visualise the rough waters and overwhelmingly high waves; translating into instability, uncertainty, the longing for things to settle down and the wondering of what the new normal will be like...?

It’s the days when life throws you a curve ball, in the form of something that is unsettling, or something that completely rocks your world. This year my family and I experienced a serious, fatal incident involving a teenager that shook the foundations of many people’s world (his family, friends etc).

Such senseless acts, influence emotions to run high, rationality to seem distant and the grieving to burrow deep down inside. Affecting those directly connected to the person involved or even those being the individuals providing support and perspective to someone else with the closer connection to this type of loss.

It’s necessary to remember that while time assists with some of the healing, it will take for us to actively pursue the tools of learning to live through it, taking steps forwards (at the pace that is healthy for us individually), pushing through the pain to reflect on how precious the time given to us, with them was, is and always will be.

Because no matter how long or short we’re physically here on this earth - every soul is here for a purpose and from memories retold - his soul clearly offered multiple lessons and gifts to those blessed to have had him be a part of their life journey. May blessings of those lessons and gifts not only be saved in memory banks but be used as a foundation for inspiring inner growth and towards producing other positive outcomes.

Stormy times like these often create mass confusion. Nevertheless we have to hold on to hope, for a future that gets better and brighter for the sake of the ones left behind.

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