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Anchored connections creates an opportunity for personal development, achieving maximum potentials, improving relationships and challenging barriers. It is for those looking; for change; to find fulfilment; to progress and create a positive impact -  within your own life and amongst your inner circle or even on a bigger scale.


Anchored Connections could be the positive domino effect you need to start redesigning your own reality.

Meet Jazz

Working in any field that continuously evolves and requires life-long learning (new: technology, service hours, roles, expectations etc.), means it’s extremely beneficial to learn how to manage the influence change and overwhelm are known to have on our mind-set and lives.


Through working as a nurse and a clinical mentor, I have realised how these negative thoughts and emotions about your professional role and abilities are common experiences for many. But left unmanaged they can genuinely lead to damaged confidence, unachieved tasks, poor decision making, undermined career and life’s pleasures.

As a parent I understand how challenges in one area of life will eventually seep into others, influencing your perception, relationships, tolerance and decision making.

As a health and wellbeing coach, I use a variety of *behavioural models and assessment tools to assist clients towards unblocking barriers and setting effective goals to improve their quality of life. (T-Grow, NLP techniques etc)


Although I am a certified Life Coach I also combine clinical knowledge from my medical background as well as life experience, in order to use what will be most effective dependant on the individual.

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