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Coronavirus The Anxiety Catalyst

We’ve all found ourselves thrown into this particular season full of uncertainty and a whirlpool of changing information. Orders of closure for different organisations including schools, restrictions on shopping, traveling including locally, etc. We didn’t see this coming!

With the affects Corona Virus is having on physical health, day-to-day activities, business operation, incomes, working environments, relationships etc. It’s only natural to feel uncomfortable and unsure of what you should be doing for the best.

While we need to be informed so we are aware of the seriousness of this current situation with Corona Virus so we can alter our behaviours to increase safety and reduce the spread of Covid-19. It’s just as vital not to fall off the edge by becoming obsessed and panicking. This for a lot of people can be such a fine line.

Here are some tips on reducing the impact of this season on our emotional and mental wellbeing:

· Try choosing a time when you’re going to watch the news and make this a once a day thing.

· Avoid watching or reading stressful things before going to bed. Becoming anxious before going to bed will affect your sleep in a negative way which in turn will affect how well you function the following day.

· Instead before bed engage in something that is light and doesn’t need too much brain-power like reading a book, meditation, breathing exercises, listening to music that relaxes you etc.

· Avoid watching TV or using devices before bed – but if you feel you absolutely compelled to use a device at night the at least reduce the brightness of the screen lighting. Most devices have some sort of night mode in the settings, which you can set to be activated for a specific time at night.

· Stay connected to other people, friends and loved ones to maintain social contact, gain support for yourself and give support to others. There are now lots of different ways to communicate and talk to people including the good old telephone. During this time of recommended isolation video calls are an excellent way of speaking with friends and relatives - you get to see them and can almost feel as though you’ve spent time with them. Many video calling platforms/apps (i.e. Whatsapp, zoom, skype, FaceTime…) are free which is a great bonus.

Just a quick note to remind us to be assured that medical assistance and support are still available if you need it. Get contact details and instruction/advice so you have this to hand if ever needed. Just knowing what you would need to do and having the information ready can provide some peace of mind and reduce anxiety.

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