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Avoiding Stress Can Be A Real Thing

STRESS - We’ve all seen it, experienced it, avoided it. Stress can be a major stumbling block in a person’s life. Preventing dreams achievements and life goals from being accomplished. But It does not have to be the factor that controls your life and it’s direction. If you’re ready to lift the veil stress has had over your visibility then try out these easy steps below.

Step 1 Know What Set’s You Off

Managing stress means getting to know your-self through self awareness. Identify what things or environments cause you to feel stressed. Make a mental note, better still write it down when you recognise you’re; irritated, overwhelmed, rushing about, not sleeping well – what’s on your mind? Journaling may be a good way to store and keep a record of these occasions.

Step 2 Super-charge yourself with Affirmations

I like to start my day with affirmations that will help me to focus on the positive things in life and to put my mind on the good things that are possible; if I work towards them. As affirmations can be recited in your mind this means you can take them with you and use them anywhere to help accelerate good vibes.

Step 3 Plan Plan Plan

Making a plan can help to unscramble your mind and put some order back into your days. A day that has some structure created by you, acts as a stepping stone for getting the important things done. By planning you can better manage your day and ultimately your stress level. Planning is known to be a proven useful route to success. So let’s get planning our way to the outcome we really desire.

Step 4 Stick to The Plan

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll put your hand up and admit that after spending time coming up with an impeccable plan, you then have found excuses to deviate from the plan... something else cropped up or even a little procrastination has crept in.

You see “The plan” is only as good as your commitment to stand by it and execute each stage of it. This is where we have to practise some self-discipline and stop operating from our feelings i.e. I just don’t feel like it. I personally have found that I am more intentional with a plan that is not too heavily loaded with lots of things to get through. So choose 3-5 main things that are manageable that you must get done each day.

Reducing stress is something that we can all experience but we will need to put a realistic plan in place; stick to it the best that we can and not be too hard on ourselves if we don’t always get through the days to-do-list.

What things would you put in place to help you reduce stress?

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