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Women's Retreat 2019

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity of helping to organise and lead a retreat it was a pleasure to work alongside passionate people who were determined to produce an event that would be valuable beyond the weekend in which it took place. We decided on a beautiful hotel located in the Daventry surrounded by acres of peaceful parkland, featuring a golf course and Spa facilities.

It was a great turn out – for over 30 people of different age groups. We put together fun activities, seminars and workshops which included the sensitive topics of jealousy and loneliness (Anchored Connections provided the workshop on loneliness and a couple 1-to-1 following the session). The secure forum we created then opened the door for some very honest discussions to take place, which lead to;

· A lot of “A-ha” moments

· Refocusing of perceptions

· Deeper understanding

· Tools to help combat the negative effects

· Tools to promotes healthier thought processes

We received excellent feedback in regards to the talks that were delivered, the great special offers arranged for spa treatments and the event on the whole.

This all took place 3 weekends ago and the event is still a hot topic! I had an amazing experience and I too am still reveling in it.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s retreat!!

It’s so empowering to spend time among like-minded people I found that from 1 hand I was able to offer my own experiences, skills and knowledge, which provided comfort, reassurance and hopefully solutions for someone else. Whilst with the other hand I was able to receive inspiration, support, guidance and new friendships.

Being in the right type of company allows us to expand our perception of a variety of things and enables us to grow and develop. Therefore by spending time with this company may also challenge and encourage us to take steps towards improving areas within ourselves so we can explore what our maximum potential may be.

This experience of spending a weekend with these people and how it has provided me with so much food for thought (which I am still feeding from) and has had such a positive impact – this has reminded me how important it is to be mindful of the company we keep as they can add so much more to our lives and be beneficial or take away from us and leave us empty.

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