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The Scary Cost Increase of Halloween

Have you notice the slow creepy incline of cost that is now associated with Halloween!? Like we need yet ANOTHER expense which will roll around every yearly!

All the same the children will be getting excited and families will be preparing for to sort out decorations, sweet and treats etc.

Halloween has increasing become a popular occasion. From the excessive decorations, the outrageously fragile costumes we buy yearly and the annual Halloween parties – the cost can begin to mount up and unexpectedly become quite the expense. I know in the past, I have been guilty of spending more during this occasion than I had planned because a lot of the things I purchased were only a few pounds here and there. But those “few pounds” soon add up when you’re not tracking them over those few weeks approaching Halloween.

So a good number 1 rule is to fix a set amount to spend for Halloween. THEN keep a track of your spending.

Start shopping for your costume (and/or the children’s) early so that you don’t feel like you have to snatch up what’s left regardless of the fact that you may have gotten something cheaper if you had had more time to shop around (guilty as charged). Try different shops to get an idea of pricing this year also look online and allow for delivery times. Or for those that are crafty, you could save even more money by making/sewing your own costumes at home. For those that are really crafty you could get creative by using old clothes (or use charity shops) and other bits and pieces to create a one of a kind outfit.

Decorations are for me the budget buster! Picking the odd thing up when I’m out shopping for another reason and something catches my eye which I’m certain would be a great addition. This, for me, is where the tracking of the Halloween spending is key. The local supermarkets can have some good bundle buys as well as pound stretcher shops, B&M shops, plus going online- for party decor. However you can reduce cost by making your own decorations. A quick search on the internet could give you lots of DIY Halloween decoration ideas.

When buying sweets try buying them in larger packets (as this is more cost effective) then split them.

While this is a fun, spooky occasion it does not have to be the ultimate nightmare on your pockets offset your cash flow right into the next seasonal event.


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